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The New Matthew Bible Project

Dedicated to gently updating the Matthew Bible, while maintaining the historic language of the faith.

The Matthew Bible contains the scripture translations of William Tyndale and Myles Coverdale. Tyndale gave us the New Testament and as much of the Old as he was able to translate before he was martyred. Coverdale provided the balance of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha. In 1537 John Rogers collated these works, added study guides and commentaries, and published the whole under the name “Thomas Matthew.”

We will call the updated work the New Matthew Bible, or ‘NMB’ for short.

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Upcoming: The Story of the Matthew Bible

This will be the first book ever dedicated solely to telling the story of the Matthew Bible. It tells also about the men who gave it to us – their lives, their deaths, their work, their disagreements, their sacrifice, their faith. It compares the Matthew Bible with all the revisions that came later, and shows why it stands out. The target publication date is  October 2017.

A work in progress: follow us for updates.

See video below to hear Ruth talk about the history of the Matthew Bible.

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The October Testament: The New Testament of the New Matthew Bible

softcoverThe first-fruits of the New Matthew Bible Project, this is Tyndale’s New Testament as published in John Rogers’ Matthew Bible, complete with original Reformation commentaries by both men, and all gently updated by Ruth Magnusson Davis.

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The Approaching Destruction of God’s Last Vineyard: Filling the Final Cup

One of Ruth’s earliest writings. Prophetic in tone, this 40-page booklet is guaranteed not to be widely received. But its appreciation of God’s mysterious ways in light of the parable of the wicked vine-dressers may bring comfort to those who see and mourn the apostasy of greater Christendom.






True to His Ways: Purity & Safety in Christian Spiritual Practice

An examination of the Charismatic movement combining exhaustive research, clarity, and sensitivity. Ruth was involved in the movement and understands it. The book is not at all judgmental, but at the same time, no one who reads it sincerely could come away doubting that Charismatic spiritual practices are unbiblical. A must-read for anyone with questions about the Charismatic movement, or as a gift for someone who needs to understand the problems and will appreciate the gentle approach.
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Table of Counterfeit Gifts and Beliefs
Contrasts Charismatic and orthodox Christian teaching. For example, how we are sanctified, or what it is to trust God, are questions that are understood differently by each.

Why I Became an Anglican
Ruth’s personal testimony. $2.00US or 10 for $15, plus S&H.

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Some of Ruth’s articles are posted on Scribd and at the NMB Project website