We Believe

As William Tyndale put it:

Christ is the root of all goodness.

In Christ God loved us as His elect and chosen before the world began,
And reserved us unto the knowledge of His Son,
And of His holy Gospel, the evangelion.
And when the Gospel is preached to us,
He opens our hearts
And gives us grace to believe,
And puts the Spirit of Christ in us.
And we know Him as our Father most merciful,
And consent to His law,
And love it inwardly in our heart,
And desire to fulfil it.
And we sorrow because we cannot,
Which will…is sufficient…

The blood of Christ has made satisfaction for the rest.
The blood of Christ hath obtained for us all things that are of God,
Making them secure.

Christ is our satisfaction, redeemer, deliverer,
And Saviour from vengeance and wrath.

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